At Nippon Life Benefits, we're always looking out for our customers. That's why we offer prescription drug plans that can be designed with flexibility -- to control costs and ensure savings for employees.

Our prescription drug benefits are provided through CVS Caremark, Inc. -- one of the largest pharmacy benefit managers available -- with more than 60,000 participating pharmacies nationwide. CVS Caremark's broad network and recognizable name ensure that employees can fill their prescriptions almost anywhere.

With CVS Caremark, employees receive:

  • Mail-order drugs
  • Negotiated drug costs
  • Retail prescription drug coverage
  • The CVS Caremark computer network, which alerts pharmacists to an insured member's drug history and potential interactions between drugs
  • Increased access to over-the-counter products, which offer additional cost-savings

Register at CVS Caremark Pharmacy Network, for additional drug tools:

  • Prescription drug listings
  • Dispensing Limitation List, Prior Authorization, and Dose Optimization List
  • Your prescription history
  • Information about drug interactions
  • Tracking mail order service
  • and more!


Clinical Programs

Nippon Life Benefits prescription drug plans offer the following core clinical programs:

Adherence to Drug Therapy

Studies have shown that adherence to appropriate medication therapy is one of the least costly and most effective ways to manage chronic medical conditions. With expanded interventions across a broad spectrum of access points, this program helps to increase adherence, improve health outcomes, and manage health care costs.

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Gaps in Care

This solution uses proprietary software systems to identify potential high-risk employees' profiles in detail (based on edits), monitors for over- or under-medication utilization, and contacts the prescriber as needed.

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Safety and Monitoring

The Safety and Monitoring program is a fraud, waste, and abuse prescription therapy monitoring solution that evaluates the appropriateness of controlled substances and other targeted drugs. The goal is to support safe and appropriate utilization.

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Retrospective Safety Review

Functioning as a high-touch safety net, the Retrospective Safety Review provides a pharmacist review to identify and intervene on the most serious drug-to-drug interactions (within one to three days of adjudication). A letter is sent to the prescriber on all appropriate interventions

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